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Give the power of life to children in need

The Legacy Program was created to bring water to thirsty children in 3rd world countries. 

Water; a basic necessity needed to sustain life can be easily taken for granted while children are living on the streets begging for it in other countries.  

Our CEO Marco Chavez has decided to do what he can to bring this basic necessity to thirsty children around the globe. 

"This is just the first step in the right direction" Marco says as he plans to take the legacy program to new heights as the company continues to grow.

Studies have shown the impact words have on water. Written and spoken words change the molecular structure of water. Thats why we decided to engrave positive affirmations onto the reusable water bottles that we give to increase our positive impact.

"Im on a mission to impact lives; and while people are caught up on how many likes they receive, I want to focus on how many lives we can help." - @MarcotheChampion