Welcome to the Ilegendz Network

The iLegendz Network is an exclusive community of likeminded leaders devoted to building the most reputable personal brands in the world. Through elite education, guidance and access to exclusive resources our members make a significant impact to not only their lives but the lives of their followers as well. This is an important time in history with serious problems to be solved and it’s up to legendary individuals to create businesses that contribute to the betterment of humanity. We believe our vote for our future is dependent on where we spend or invest our money. Money is the lifeblood of any business and what fuels the mission of that organization. Our job is to make sure the money, influence, and power falls into the right hands in the new millennium.

All members promote high ethical standards as they build their influence and reputation online. Our goal as a network is to empower the right leaders and spread their message to the masses by focusing on the social media platforms that have the most opportunity for attention because attention is the new currency. The more attention you have the more opportunity to generate wealth and create a positive impact.


The knowledge & opportunity to prosper online


Position your brand and grow your followers


Utilize your leverage to generate multiple flows of income


The more people who know, like, and trust you the more leverage you have to excel in your business endeavors. Attention is the new currency because “attention” means focus and energy flows where focus goes. To position yourself, build leverage and monetize through social media is a process that we teach our member how to master. One member states, “We do feel a responsibility and have to be cautious when it comes to who receives these powerful success metrics.” A person with good intentions and strong core values will perpetuate a lot of good; however, a person with a bad agenda would certainly be in a position to cast a wide net of influence to bring much damage to the world.

Although every iLegendz member begins their personal journey devoted to increasing wealth, influence, and to spreading a positive message throughout the world, they are also receiving the proper education and support towards becoming a better person and leader. They are supported by many others on the same journey and have now aligned themselves with a vast network of like minded individuals who can offer their support and assistance in helping each member live up to their fullest potential.